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nurse expert services

specializing in success

In a complex and ever-evolving world of care, having a registered nurse with specialized advanced training can completely change the outcome of a case.

Nurse Expert Services

a growing network of nurse experts

Our network spans all U.S. jurisdictions, with nurses in all 50 states.

Our nuanced, state-specific clinical and jurisdictional expertise can be the difference between achieving your desired outcome and having to settle for a less than ideal outcome.

litigation and medical class-action support

With highly specialized skill sets, ANS’ nurse experts often play a crucial role in providing litigation and medical class-action support.

life care planning

Our nurse experts can either create a stand-alone, comprehensive Life Care Plan (LCP) or they can evaluate the merit of an existing plan that is being questioned.

What makes our LCPs different?

Using our considerable understanding of complex and catastrophic injuries, we develop comprehensive projections that encompass all reasonable medical expenses and contingencies over an injured person’s lifetime.

An evaluation you can trust

During our LCP critique, the nurse expert evaluates the existing plan’s assumptions and conclusions in conjunction with a medical record review, to determine the plan’s true merit.

In either case, our individualized reports provide:

  • A detailed case overview that is objective, thorough, and accurate
  • The opportunity to resolve disputed issues before going to trial
  • A litigation-tested document that will withstand scrutiny when trial is necessary

medical record review

While many MSAs are developed, evaluated, and redeveloped, we take the time upfront to determine where and how we can mitigate cost drivers to ensure accurate reserves.

  • The resulting report provides a unique opportunity to identify issues, such as gaps in treatment, high-risk patient behavior, or deviations in standard of care.

  • With a big-picture view, we can implement changes to create a cost-effective and quality treatment plan.

  • We create customizable reports to meet specific case needs, including deposition and settlement preparation.

home health and facility evaluations

Utilizing their experience, our nurse experts help ensure high quality care with an unbiased assessment of the patient and their environment


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