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let’s change the outcome by changing the approach

At ANS Solutions, we believe every case has the potential for a positive outcome. Instead of obstacles, we see opportunities—to collaborate, to improve patient quality of life, and to fight for more outcomes that benefit everyone.

our approach

our approach

settling a case should never feel like settling

This belief is what drives us to take a personalized approach to everything we do. Whether we’re meeting face-to-face with a physician, following up on a referral, or providing a customized report, we give every case the time, attention, and respect it deserves.

our approach
no fee assurance

no fee assurance

help where we can, no fee when we can’t

As part of the ANS No Fee Assurance (NFA), we complete a risk-free assessment of your referrals. If we find there is little to no clinical and/or financial benefit to moving forward, we return the file to you with a written analysis —free of charge.

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every success is worth fighting for

With the right tools, innovative solutions, and collaborative partnerships, even the most complex cases have the potential for a positive outcome for everyone. Our solutions are designed to work together to resolve each case in the best way possible.


pharmacy intervention program

Designed to help lower Rx costs without compromising care, our three-phase pharmacy intervention program replaces peer review with face-to-face conversation. Learn More


medicare set-asides (MSA)

Our risk-free assessment helps determine opportunities to mitigate Rx costs while avoiding unnecessary reports. Learn More


medical cost projections

With a detailed projection of lifetime medical cost you can reach a resolution that balances patient care and accurate exposure. Learn More


nurse expert services

Our nurse experts can help with litigation and medical class action support, life care planning, medical record reviews, home health and facility evaluations. Learn More

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