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medicare set-asides

set-asides settled right

At ANS Solutions, we handle Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) referrals differently, starting with a risk-free assessment so we can provide the maximum impact—and an MSA program unlike any other.

Medicare Set Asides

saving time and money without compromising care

We apply our No Fee Assurance (NFA) to every MSA referral we receive, performing an initial review of each case. This approach allows us to immediately identify barriers to settlement, then develop strategies to overcome them.

The result is a set-aside that saves both time and money—and the unmatched reassurance of our NFA.

we go the extra mile so you don’t have to

While many MSAs are developed, evaluated, and redeveloped, we take the time upfront to determine where and how we can mitigate cost drivers to ensure accurate reserves.

  • Reduced costs plus a no-fee assessment adds up to significant savings.

  • By avoiding unnecessary redundancies, we provide a more timely case resolution.

  • At the end of the day, we’re proud to deliver more outcomes that benefit everyone.

a unique process with unique results

By doing things differently we prevent the development of unnecessary reports.

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